My Keyboard Experience

I've always enjoyed being creative and thinking outside the box. The Idyllic brand isn't about chasing "Fame" or "Fortune", it's an avenue that let's me as an indivudal, express myself through creating unique keyboard designs.

I am unlikely to partake in small scale, commision-based work.

Currently Selling Cases at:

Sydney Meet 2019

The Transformation Process

The most challenging part of the whole process is creating the design files — I use Adobe Illustrator. It can actually be very easy to make a simple Acrylic Case, however with that being said, it will take up many more hours of effort to come up with more complicated and well refined designs.

All my work are my own designs. I try to be as innovative as possible, where possible.

In-stock Acrylic Cases

Idyllic Acrylic Peripherals aims to change the current way Acrylic Cases are brought to a large majority of consumers. Acrylic Cases will be an in-stock item, with fast turnaround times from purchase to shipment — unlike the Group Buy and Commission-based sales model.

An initiative where customers aren’t required to wait long periods of time is a much more healthy and sustainable form of E-commerce. There is less risk for both parties as the process is much more standardised and inline with a tradtitonal retail business practices.

Product Tiers

Designer Edition

A step-up from elegant, these cases have a few design tweaks. The additional funds from the Designer Edition help support the Idyllic brand.


An elegant case design that includes all the necessary hardware and a PCB.


An elegant case design that includes all the necessary hardware. The buyer is required to source their own PCB.


A Favour for a Friend. A cheap starting option for people who want to build a Mechanical Keyboard. As the buyer is sourcing the additional parts themselves, a lower price is achievable.

Requires: PCB and Hardware.Screws, Standoffs, Nuts and Bumpons

The Idyllic Showcase

I upload most of my pictures to Instagram, and very rarely repost the same design.

Lube Station

Lubrication Station

An abstract 3D approach to the traditional acrylic lube stations. This item aims to still serve a purpose, well after switch lubing.

Pink Alice

Seamless Ergo 40%

Screws may often ruin the aesthetic of an acrylic keyboard. This design has no screws visible and focuses on the frosted pink.

Bee Keyboard

The SixtyHive

A design deeply invested into the thematic, this Bee themed keyboard was made for The Brisbane State Library Maker Space.